Introducing Our New Men's Collection!

Introducing Our New Men's Collection!

We are very excited to announce the addition of a men's collection to our store. We have taken a great amount of time, research, and careful thought in selecting which brands we bring to the store (Which is the same with our women and children's collection as well). In our pursuit of a men's collection, we were fortunate to find not one, but two brands that match our lifestyle and personalities perfectly. If you haven't met our family, we are a hardworking, rough around the edges, quirky bunch who love to cut up and have a good time. Therefore, we want clothes that show our personality as well as hold up through our wear and tear. We found just that! 

First, we found Rowdy Gentleman, which the name in itself is perfect. It's just the right mixture of "rowdy" meets "gentleman." This line has durable casual tees, swim wear, and hats with fun designs and graphics that are sure to catch some attention.  We've also added some fun beer (or coke, water, beverage of choice) sleeves into the mix! This is our personality line!! 

Next, we have The Normal Brand. We love this brand for a number of things. The look is spot on. It is your everyday casual wear that you can use for work or play. Next is the durability and quality. If you've met my husband you know he isn't the easiest on clothes. We have to have a brand that can hold up to his outdoorsy-ness but also not embarrass the family if we are out in public! (Ha! Don't tell him I threw him under the bus!) In addition, we LOVE comfort. Not only does this brand provide great looking, durable clothing, but it's super comfortable and soft! Wear it to work, to dinner, to the woods... wherever... you're good to go!

So, there you have it! We are bringing durability, affordability, and personality to Crossville (and online, of course)!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



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