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TDR Style Diaries
  • Kayla Spieles

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About us

What began as a way to bring work and pleasure together for our family has blossomed into our "4th baby." We initially started The Dressing Room May 2016 as an online shopping experience to bring style, convenience, and affordability to our customers' front doors. We strive to be very family oriented and have involved our children in every step to teach them good foundational work ethics and responsibility. This online venture quickly expanded and my husband's "man cave" became an exploding closet. After many requests from our customers and realizing our "man cave" space had become limited, we decided to take a leap of faith and open a storefront. Febrauary 4, 2017 marks our grand opening date for our Crossville location!
A couple of things about our store that we think are important... We want our shop to be more meaningful than just a place to buy a great pair of shoes so we strive to take advantage of the position and put our store to good use within the community! We currently sponsor two schools and have aided in quite a few other charitable community events and teams. We have a firm belief that education should be a number one priority for our youth, therefore, sponsoring these schools and teams brings us great pleasure! We also encourage our employees (who are more like family now) to make the most of their down time... So if you happen to pop in and see them with a book or laptop at the counter when you come in, we fully support this! In addition, we want to provide a welcoming, stress free environment. We offer a kids' corner so mom (or dad) can shop without chasing babies around the store complete with toys, coloring books, and Netflix. We also have a small coffee bar just because I am coffee OBSESSED. Everyone is welcome and our customers are our priority. We have truly enjoyed every minute of this business and getting to know our customers!! We welcome any feedback! Thank you for allowing us to serve you!!      

Xoxo, The Lanzilotta's

122 The Crossings

Crossville, TN 38555