About us

The Dressing Room officially began May 2016 as a shopping experience to bring style, convenience, quality, affordability, and, most importantly, confidence to our customers, but the dream behind it began many, many years before. 

Hey, y’all!  I’m Jennifer - the owner of The Dressing Room, a wife, and mother of 4, a nurse by day, and a real girls’ girl! 

My biggest satisfaction in life is to help others and empower them to be their best selves. I knew from working in retail at the age of 16 how important self-confidence was and how fashion played a role in bringing out that inner confidence and glow. I always joked that I wanted to work in retail when I grew up to watch the glow grow in others, but never realized it could become a reality…. That is, unknowingly, how this journey started. 

From 16 all the way through college and beyond, I would critique every shopping experience I had. I began to brainstorm how I would have done things differently and how I could make it better. One particular experience sent me over the edge. I was tired of feeling less than, like a nuisance, or like the quality and choices weren’t ample enough when shopping. I picked and ranted and bounced more ideas at my husband about how important the role of customer service in retail was and how it really affected the outcome of others’ confidence. My husband - mid-rant - stopped me and said, “Do It. You have been planning this for years. Stop dreaming and do it.” Whaaaaat?! Yep. He said jump, and I did. I haven’t looked back since. 

A couple of things about our store that I think are important... I want our shop to be more meaningful than just a place to buy a great outfit. I make it a point to take advantage of the position and put our store to good use within the community through many sponsorships and charitable donations! I also want us to be here to remind you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! We want to empower everyone we meet to own who they are and their style and to do so with confidence. We are here to cater to those who already know their style needs all the way to those who want help finding theirs. Our goal at TDR is to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. 

I have truly enjoyed every minute of this business, getting to know our customers, and serving the community!! We have THE BEST stylists who truly embody the desire to build up our clients and love to serve others. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!!   

Jennifer Lanzilotta
Owner, TDR

- Building Confidence & Closets -