Girl Talk: The Journey...

Girl Talk: The Journey...

Just a little girl talk...

Just wanted to lift you all up today!


It’s not your job to be perfect, none of us are.


Stop comparing yourself to others. Lift yourself up. Love yourself!


Practice self-care. Spend time on yourself. You spend it on everyone else important to you. YOU are important, too.


Keep the negatives away - thoughts, people, situations… negatives will happen, but if you can, don’t partake! Healthy boundaries are a must! Especially negative thoughts from within!


Work on a growth mindset! Always strive for improvement! Monitor your progress and celebrate it! Replace any negatives thoughts with 2 positives! Self-affirmations!


Building self-confidence and knowing your worth can be a journey. But you are worth it! Take the time and effort. You deserve to be and see the best version of yourself and feel good in your own skin! And those you love deserve the best version of you as well! And remember, those of you who are moms, your kids are watching! They’re compared to how much they look like you all the time so when you’re placing shame, labels, comparison, and self-doubt upon yourself, you’re giving this to your child as well! Practice self love! Grow your mindset and self worth! Happy day, ladies!

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  • Jenn Parsons: January 02, 2024

    Mmmhmmm calling some mommas out are we? 🥰

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