It's All About Perspective....

It's All About Perspective....

It’s all about perspective.

I literally hear at minimum 4 times per week, “I don’t know how you do what you do.” Ummm… it’s all about the perspective, y’all. Take a look at this mirror selfie… it is purposely posed, close up, happy, smiling… and the right is quite literally what’s behind me… a cluster $&%# of chaos. But I showed you what I wanted you to see. What you don't see is... I have had at least 2 major melt downs on my husband this week and one that I had to pull over and have while talking to my son’s teachers (yes, 5th grade teachers this was with you ladies! - bet you didn’t know I was internally losing it while I was pulled over chatting with you 😜)…. Perspective.  In reality, my house is a disaster, my car has multiple avalanches when you open the door, I am  functioning daily with anxiety, ADD, I have literally forgotten my five year old’s dance class and then gymnastics class within a one week time span, & there's even more chaos with planning, sports, sickness, parties, bills, etc etc... but you know what… I keep persisting with a positive mindset because perspective is EVERYTHING!

You know what I do have - a husband who lets me melt down on him while he builds me back up, healthy & happy kids that I am involved in their lives (excessively involved I might add haha), my mother who is literally my saving grace in all things because she’s literally always here for me, my dad who is my sounding board even though he’s overloaded…. And I have THE BEST team of girls at TDR who hold it down both in the store and behind the scenes (TDR is definitely a TEAM effort and our team ROCKS)! I also work with some amazing people in my nursing job who tackle loads of responsibility along side of me so I don’t have to go it alone.

The real picture here is that I don’t have things together but I’m surrounded by wonderful people who help me pull it off and focus on the good! Sometimes our perspective tends to shift when we are having a bad day or we see others’ social media posts of clean homes and put together lives, but I really encourage everyone to gut check themselves and find the positives. People don't always show the whole picture - you're seeing what they want you to see. Negative energy, negative perspectives will literally change your mindset and outlook just like my mirror selfie - change your perspective. So embrace the mess, the chaos & the madness around you… find the good and change your perspective! Get the good angle! There’s ALWAYS a good angle! Make it happen, friends!


  • Deni : March 22, 2023

    Beautifully said. You never know what the other person is going through. But great attitudes and friends are beyond measure. Love you guys so much !! Always leave TDR feeling so much better then when I walked in 💕

  • Brandy: March 22, 2023

    This was spot on!!! Thank you for sharing and being so transparent!! I know I struggle with trying to do it all and more. Definitely working on changing my perspective and shifting my eyes up to God & just praying my way through it! 🙏🏻💗💪🏻🥊🙌🏻😂😁

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