Style Guide: The Easter Edit

Style Guide: The Easter Edit

What do you wear for Easter? Every year I get asked this question & there's really one simple answer: What You Want! 

I LOVE to plan out our Easter outfits early & I typically try to coordinate our family outfits so we can take all the cute photos being somewhat match patchy and seeming like we have it together. If I am being honest, I always start with my outfit first! I do all the work so they just get what they get which means… what I want! ;)

Trends that are typical for the Easter holiday are, of course, cheerful, colorful pastels & florals. Flowy dresses, feminine bubble sleeves, or even airy rompers - anything pastel or floral can easily be added to your Easter lineup! These are go to looks that are timeless, fun, & you really can’t go wrong sticking with these palettes and prints. Think all things happy & spring!

Another classic Easter go to is the all white fit. Whether you’re into long maxis, short sun dresses, or even a chic linen pant, white is a highly sought after look. A little more chic & classy especially given the right accessories. Definitely a refreshed look for your holiday & if you want to get a little symbolic, white symbolizes purity & grace which is perfect for the occasion as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

Lace details. We love lace details. It can be added into your dress, top, etc or you can even layer with a kimono or strappy lace bralette. Lace is just a fun way to add a feminine, layering, textured touch to your outfit.

And one of the 2023 season’s trends that I am loving for Easter are bold greens! Whether it’s a pop of vivid greens on a classic style dress or a fun, gingham print on a mini dress, all the way to fun satin skirts! Add on florals, lace or whites from the previous looks if you’d like & make this Easter style on trend!

Accessorize! These can mean the difference in any outfit! Shoes, purses, jewelry, & even hair accessories & makeup. A fresh face in pastels can brighten the look. Chunky gold jewelry is trending this season as well as mixing metals, but dainty classics are always in, too! We are loving our new Natural Life & Kendra Scott cross necklaces which would also be perfect! And shoes & purses… those are my love language! Accessorizing could be a whole style guide on its own.. hey, I just may go there next!

As far as dress codes on Easter, we say there are none! Want to wear a dress, go for it! Jeans, go for it! You can make your Easter style fun, stylish, trendy, & what fits your personality. Go with what you like, or in my case, what coordinates with my family - ha! Be sure to consider the cut & style that is flattering and comfortable for you and your body type. My main focus when helping style others is that you feel your best self! You want to make sure you feel confident, beautiful and not focused on how awkward fits or if you can walk, sit, stand easily, etc. You want to enjoy the day!

I want to personally say Happy Easter to you and your family from ours! We would love to see your pictures in your #TDRstyle - Be sure to tag us @Shop.TDR on both Instagram 7 Facebook!

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