Top 7 Styling Tips From Your TDR Stylists

Top 7 Styling Tips From Your TDR Stylists

Top 7 Fashion Tips From Your TDR Stylists


Know Your Body Type


This is the Golden Rule with creating your closet. Your body type puts the “how” behind the styles you wear. We hear it soooo many times, “I can’t wear that because….” (Usually followed up with I’m too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too broad, or some other negative thought process) - NOT true! You just have to know your body type in order to know how to style it! Fit first! There are primarily 5 types of body shapes: apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, & rectangle. This is a whole topic in and of its own so there will be more on this to come, but this is super important when dressing for your body type. Balancing proportions, skin tones, and more play a part in this, but recognizing our differences, and finding ways to flatter your body through your wardrobe is what this is all about!


For example, I am pear shape. My booty, hips, and thighs are where most of my distributions are and, on top of that, I am short. So, when I am dressing I want to elongate the lower half of my body. I will do little tricks like the high waisted jeans and front tucked shirts or cropped tops, hidden wedge shoes, etc. And guess what? You would never know about my “mom pooch” or my “second butt” or “saddle bags”, but by dressing for my body type I am able to flatter it instead of accentuate those insecurity areas. Can I get an AMEN?!

Knowing your body type is crucial to styling the pieces you love!


Organize Your Closet


This is our secret weapon. It makes your life easier, brings more affordability to your closet, and gives you so much versatility. Keep it clean, decluttered, organized, and visible. A sub-topic within this organization portion is called capsule wardrobing. Keeping your closet organized with pieces that can be mixed and matched easily to take the guess work of “what will I wear today.” You can easily walk in and create your look of the day effortlessly. Keeping those basic go to pieces handy like great jeans, basic tops (we love a good brami, basic tee, etc), and pieces that are of a complimentary color palette makes your task SO much easier. Have those added statement pieces ready to set those staple pieces off! A fun closet, but versatile and affordable!


PS. If you’re looking for great organizing tips and tricks we recommend following @the.courtney.collective on Instagram! She has amazing insight to organizing and is also a stylist herself so she can take the cluttered closet (or anything else for that matter) to a masterpiece! She’s also available for in-home and virtual organizing services!


Accessorize and Layer


Layering is another key factor. It puts the STYLED stamp on your look. This is where the “styling” part comes into play after you have your pieces. Use different patterns and textures, layer pieces over top of another, try front tucks, roll the sleeves or pant bottoms. Create stopping points in your outfit that draws the eye. Use button ups, vests, kimonos, bralettes, bramis, even socks to add a layer to your outfit! Try at least one accessory whether it’s a statement necklace (we love to the layered looks), a pop of color bag, a great pair of earrings or bracelets - or all of the above! It just adds that ooh la la cherry on top of the outfit!

It takes the outfit from “blah” to “WOW.”


Make The Investment


Remember QUALITY over quantity is key! Sure you can have a closet packed full of clothes, but if you’re buying pieces that won’t last, you’re wasting money! Your closet is an investment. You want to think about the average lifespan of a piece or the Cost Per Wear Method! If you can get 3 wears out of a $21 top before it’s falling apart, you basically spent $7 each time you wore it. If you can get 48 wears out of a $48 quality piece, that’s $1 per wear! Think of it as an ROI (return on investment). This is SO important. As I type this, I am thinking about my basic go to pieces that I know I’ve had for years and tend to lean on many times per week. They’re my tried and true pieces that last decades versus a season! Look at brands that will double stitch, have organic components to them like the dye they use, materials, etc… Go for Quality Over Quantity every time! This is why we aim to carry premier brands that focus on these factors because those clothes actually cost you less in the long run!

Some examples are Bed|Stu, Free People, Gentle Fawn, Driftwood, Sadie & Sage, Z Supply, Hobo the Original and so many more! These brands focus on the cost per wear aka quality!



Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Try something new! You never know until you try! Worst case scenario, you try on that thing you’ve been turning away from and decide you were correct and put it back on the shelf, but more times than not, our customers will leave feeling good about their outfit, their body, and the way they look in it! Good things never came from limits they say…


One of my other little tips for people who are wanting to step out of their comfort zone but feel a little awkward trying something new is to use baby steps… Let’s say you aren’t so sure about wearing rompers or high heels or a knitted off the shoulder shirt over a bralette… start out by wearing them at home. Do your thing… clean your house, watch tv, whatever it is you do at home… when you stop focusing on what you’re wearing, take a trip to the gas station (because trust me, they’ve probably seen you at your worst, right?). Then run to the grocery store or a short trip to the coffee shop, etc and work your way up! Before you know it, that odd ball feeling of leaving your comfort zone will no longer be there! Trying new things can be hard, but that doesn’t mean you won’t come around to them!


Age Is Just A Number!!


Shew! Do I feel this one this month! As my 40th birthday is approaching, I am having to remind myself of this one! Ha! Age is just a number and that saying applies to your wardrobe as well! It’s all about YOUR comfort, not the style. We hear this daily - “I’m too old for that.” Wrong, again! Perfect example - the cropped top… Sure, our high school crowd loves to rock the crop tops and they look great, but guess what???? Our 40+ crowds and everything in between does, too! It’s just a matter of styling them to fit your 1) body type and 2) comfort level! I personally wear them all the time, but you won’t see my midriff out and about at the grocery store… why? Because I dress the styles to my comfort level and body type! I wear mine with high waisted bottoms such as jeans or skirts and a lot of times add a layering piece over top like a kimono or knitted off the shoulder sweater! So, whatever that piece is that you think you’re too old for, YOU’RE NOT! Let’s just cater it to YOU! Make your clothing flatter you and build you up, not make you feel like you’re trying too hard!


Know Your Insecurities But Don’t Let Them Define You.


This is my soap box moment. Insecurities… we all have them, but they don’t have to control us. Know your insecurities and tailor your outfit to flatter that part instead of allowing it to dominate. Remember the mom-pooch, second butt, and saddle bags I mentioned above? I’ve got them, but I put them in their place! ;) Don’t ever be afraid to tell us areas you have insecurities with! It helps us curate outfits based on your comfort levels! We are here for YOU. Our goal is to make you feel better about yourself when you leave than when you came in and your outfits should do just that! This is why our slogan is “Building Confidence & Closets.”


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